Payment Gateway

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How to make a payment processor like Bitpay?

See the website:

1. The easiest way > run an instance of bitcoind:
With this then programmatically control the creation of wallets, addresses, and send/verify transactions.

2. Or, stronger, similar to bitpay: libbitcoin (used also by DarkWallet) >>

3. When it comes to computer security, running these on an unsecured server could result in a hacker stealing all funds.

4. We need to be able to trade crypto and fiat currencies – BTL, EUR, LEU, BTC.

5. To set up a bitcoind server, and send JSON-RPC commands to it using the API:
Once we know how these commands work, we’ll be able to build software that will accept payments.

6. For fiat currencies involved we have to deal with legal/regulatory concerns.

Possible to use this: – Instant crypto checkout with easy to use cart plugins, advanced buttons, invoice builder, and an API for custom integrations.

More info on payment gateway topic:

For dealing only with bitleu transactions, learn about how blocks and transactions work at a low level here:

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