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Today it is exciting to participate in an ICO, but it is not enough in the long run. Projects, services, and startups are currently very difficult ‘asset classes’ to invest in. In the next future, we can assume more tokenization of stable assets like: real estate, loans, tech startups and later-phase companies. These assets have much more data and transparency to the actual investor, and we are among the first in the market.

Invest in Long-Term Stable Real BTL Assets:

Construction of Block Apartments > BTLA
Real Estate and Rental Services > BTLR

Rental Services
– Rent high class apartments in Munchen, Iasi, and London for now (more Cities will be added soon). Pay with Bitleu and keep 25% of your money in your pocket for other important expenses or reinvestments.

Block Apartments
– Use Bitleu cryptocurrency and/or tokens to Buy & Sell block apartments built and owned by our company Austrocasa International in Germany, Romania and the Gambia. Invest in our block apartments and make real estate money and long-term stable profit, in 2 ways: one by selling apartments at better prices on the market, and second by the increase of BTL token and currency value.

Future assets to develop, based on our existing businesses:

Reforestation > BTLF
3D Printed Homes > BTL3
Sustainable Buildings > BTLB
Travel and Aviation > BTLA

3D Printed Homes
– Invest your BTL currency and benefit from our high technology industrial robots and 3d printers that are capable to build cheap and sustainable homes.

Sustainable Buildings
– Buy tokens and be the owner of apartments in our sustainable high buildings. We construct these high buildings by using new xLam technology, more secure and more sustainable than any other types of high building in the world! BTL owners will be able to buy a modern apartment in a new passive building with at least 20% discount!

– Planting the Paulownia tree, we will be adding value to it in construction industry for producing, using and selling: dimensional lumber, plywood, doors, windows, oriented strand board (OSB), siding, paneling, fiber board, wood pulp, wood shavings for insulation, pellet for eco heating, etc. Also, the idea of planting Mahogany trees in Philippines remains an option for future development.

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