Blockchain Technology Ledger

If opportunity doesn't knock, open a door to freedom!


Protection and personal privacy: Become a respected part of the BTL community and ecosystem, through safe and fast payments made with an user-friendly wallet.


 Growth and risks management: Start one of the safest business partnerships with an enterprise-ready solution based on blockchain and blockless technology ledger.


Maximize growth: Become an important investor of a sustainable project; get higher return of investment by increasing market value through our safe blockless technology.


Bitleu – the first crypto & BTL – the first blockchain developed by Romanians since 2014, with technological innovation and global vision

BTL is the combination of transparency, global accessibility, usability and, most important, programmability which indicates that the future of the Internet of Value will likely be based upon public distributed ledger and cryptocurrency


Blockchain Technology Ledger

The main innovation behind BTL Team is its Blockchain Technology Ledger, a revolutionary new mix Blockchain+DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) distributed ledger. BTL means innovation in the blockchain technology and adoption by various industries, using different business models.


BTLedger allows meritorious participants in a P-2-P network to govern without a ruler and without money. BTL introduces an unique merit-based, tamper-proof, open voting system. The meritorious are BTL users who work to advance the network. Our merit-based markets will replace networks previously run by kings, corporations, aristocracies and mobs.

Members that join the BTL Network and help it grow will flourish with it. It will amplify the value, so that every node they create within the system will magnify their own rewards. 


Our Blockless Technology Ledger “BTLedger” will have the followin important features:
– Decentralized, secure and private;
– Designed for mass adoption;
– Provide digital payment solution globaly
– Anonymity; 
– Increase transaction speed as the network grows; 
– Does not require mining; 
– Very low fees or even feeless; 
– Microtransactions with 4 to 16 decimals,
– Quantum resistance,
– Smart contracts, and more…

BTL Bank Toward Liberty

We are not the first bank beyond money, but we are the first BANK TOWARD LIBERTY and the first Blockchain Mobile Bank Beyond Money! Beside the classic Real Estate Asset integrated with Blockchain, our main Asset for you is “Wealth Management Beyond Money”.


Created in 2014 by a Team of Romanian crypto enthusiasts,  Bitleu coin [BTL] is a decentralized, secure and private cryptocurrency, designed for mass adoption, and providing feeless, safe and easy digital payment solution worldwide.


Tools for banking freedom beyond money:
– Mobile Wallet 
– Windows, Linux & Mac Wallets
– International BTL Debit Card 
– BTL Smart Exchange 
– Payment Gateway


Secure and fast money transfers to bank accounts in over 100 countries, while saving money by using the real exchange rate. Send and receive crypto / fiat transfers, and pay any of your contacts in BTL cryptocurrency in a couple of taps.


If you was born in a country where isn’t easy to open a bank account and you can’t leave the country, you may want to contact us, as we have a safe and legal solution for you, doesn’t matter where on the earth you live.

Business Development

BTL is a global blockchain and blockless cryptocurrency and technology backed by real life and  business assets. Our main business is related to Real Estate Development in Romania, Germany and United Kingdom. 


Residences in the new development areas can be purchased in the digital currency Bitleu [BTL], with a substantial discount. Apartments in new and all areas will be rented in the BTL currency too. Our residential development projects represent the first step toward efforts to push Bitleu into the mainstream.


Today we are an international group – the Leaders in Real Estate and Construction Business in Iasi, Romania; Munchen, Germany and the City of London. Tomorrow we aim to become Leaders in the Blockless Technology with our actual  Multidisciplinary Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality & Travel Industries!

BTL Assets Management

Besides classic assets, as an alternative, we propose share of wealth in non-money assets: real-estate, collectables, vehicles and adding digital assets, such as smart contracts, intellectual property and cryptocurrencies. Our innovative Ledger will be applied to the following industries:

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Blockchain Technology Lions

We have assembled a unique TEAM of Professional Businessmen & Developers to revolutionize the Fintech, Advertising, Real Estate, Construction, IoT, Automotive and Aerospace Industries through implementing Blockchain & Blockless Technology for dramatically reducing risks and costs while certainly increasing performance.

Teodor Miroslav Muntean

BTL Project Manager

Andrei Costea

Chief Executive Officer 

Laurentiu Marian Mierla

CTO & Crypto Researcer

Anatol Prisacaru

Chief Security Officer

Bogdan Ionel Muntean

BTL Asset Manager 

Octav Emilian Sandu

Security Audit Manager

Razvan Savu

Full-Stack Software Developer

Team Member

Job Title

BTL Partners

Business, Fintech, Banks, Exchanges, Marketing, Press, Sports, Gov, NGO

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Today, we must admit that Blockchain changes the way we live and work. We believe that Blockchain will lead us soon toward a Peer-to-Peer Associative Society where human well-being and freedom are both best served and managed by open-minded people and open-source resources. Please contact us for details!